Computer Repair Service

Computer Repair ServiceComputer Repair Service.

Computer Repair Services include anything from Microsoft Windows to wireless networking, from blue screens to boot up problems , Information Technology & its associated peripherals can be a tricky task at the best of times.  If you have a problem with your laptop computer, tower pc or server then please Contact Hinckley IT Services or simply call on 07504133786 


What type of PC problems do Hinckley IT Services cover?

Although the list below is not a finite list, it gives an idea of the kinds of troubleshooting Computer Repair Services we deal with on a regular basis. Don’t see your computer issue listed? don’t know bits from bytes? Contact Me anyway.

  • PC Health checks (or any other device from printers to networks)
  • Any PC, laptop or server issues, error code, driver troubleshooting/resolution
  • Configuration of new customer hardware (connecting of devices/testing/troubleshooting)
  • Configuration of new customer software (configuration of software/testing/troubleshooting)
  • Fine tuning of existing Computer hardware (drivers/rectifying misconfiguration issues) examples ranging from network cards running slow to multiple monitor configs.
  • Fine tuning (troubleshooting) of existing Computer software (rectifying misconfiguration issues)  examples ranging from Internet Browser issues, Microsoft Office software package glitches, problematic errors on boot up etc.
  • PC hardware advice
  • PC software advice
  • Upgrade assistance for software or hardware. (eg Windows 8.1 to Windows 10)
  • Virus detection, prevention & removal
  • Malware/Spyware detection, prevention & removal
  • Backing up vital user data. (often overlooked until it is too late!)
  • Connectivity between PC, laptops & other peripheral IT equipment (Printers, scanners, other PC’s, handheld devices.

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Please Contact Hinckley IT Services or simply call on 07504133786 


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