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Professional SEO ServicesProfessional SEO Services ~ Be seen by Google.

Hinckley Website SEO Services. SEO is simply an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. This sounds simple on the surface. A way of ensuring that all major search engines (meta search engines/crawlers) are able to find your website.

However, it is not a case of simply create a new website & leave it. For anyone hoping to gain momentum with a new business venture or gain followers naturally on their new website, certain methods & protocols need to be applied for the internet search engines to successfully, crawl, digest, understand & rank your new website.

If not done correctly or in a professional (white hat) approach, Google, Bing, Yahoo & other major search engines will simply over look, ignore or even down rank your website.  If you are ever contacted by any parties asking if you wish to have your website “backlinked” for a fee, simply ignore them, this is a taboo (black hat) approach & will ruin your websites current & future rankings with the search engines.

Hinckley Website SEO


Hinckley IT Services will automatically apply best SEO practice during the build process of your website to ensure that all relevant key words, meta data, tag words & file names are all relevant to the page in which they are listed within your new website.


Professional SEO Services – Sitemap Creation {XML & HTML}.

An XML sitemap (a certain file format understood by the web crawlers) will be configured & tested during the final phases of your website build ensuring all relevant content within your new site is recognised correctly before it’s initial submission to Google et al.

Google also like a HTML “User Sitemap” within websites to illustrate the care & precision you are dedicating to visitors hitting your site. This process is also completed during your website build by me.

What is covered by the optional Website Monthly Maintenance once my new website has been built?

The main reason peoples/businesses websites take a nose dive shortly after they have been completed, is because it is thought that once the “build a website” box has been ticked, then that task is complete & the new business owner/user can carry on with other more important tasks. This is understandable, but a very big mistake.

Below is a list of how Hinckley IT Services can keep your new website build ranked within Google, secure & up to date :-

  • SEO Sitemaps (User & XML) submitted on a regular basis (keeps Google etc on top of your website at all times)
  • Front end & backend software upgrades completed as necessary. (inc databases)
  • Security updates to ensure your website content is protected from hackers & brute force attacks
  • Plugin or version updates to ensure that any add-on component of your website remains upto date.
  • Offline Data backups of all images, narrative word content & layout code of your website.  Are you prepared for disaster recovery?
  • Offline Database backups (as above)

The list above of “post website build tasks” should most definately NOT be overlooked.

From just £10 per week, the headache can be taken out of website ownership maintenance by ensuring that all of the tasks are completed for you. (Access to your new websites admin cPanel will be required at all times)


Please Contact Hinckley IT Services or simply call on 07504133786 


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